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Friday February 03, 2023

About Christmas Story Collection

Each year I am happy to offer a new Christmas story for the holiday season. This year, 2022, marks the 25th anniversary of the holiday Christmas Story series. Many of the Christmas stories are award winners and all of the stories are online for free reading on this website.

This online Christmas tradition started in 1998 with the first holiday Christmas story titled Snowflake. Snowflake was later awarded First Place in the annual Holiday Christmas Story Contest hosted by The St. Augustine (Florida) Record Newspaper. Snowflake is a heartwarming tale about a young girl’s attempts to get a small disabled puppy from a pet store to give as a very special Christmas gift. Over the years several other stories have also won awards.

Many of the past years Christmas stories are available in the Christmas Cookies Holiday Story Collection book that is offered in print or ebook format. This book is dedicated “to all lost and homeless animals past and present.” Four of the book’s Christmas stories involve animals central to the plot: Snowflake, The Snowman Contest, War Takes a Holiday, and The Christmas Duck. eBook formats are available for the Amazon Kindle, Nook, Apple iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch, and other compatible eBook readers and devices.

I hope you and your family will enjoy these Christmas stories. Your questions, comments, and inquiries are always welcome: Contact Link

Help continue the holiday Christmas Story tradition. Your donations of any amount are appreciated! Thanks from the founder and author, RL Williams.

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