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Live from the North Pole

2023 Christmas Story by RL Williams

“We interrupt this program for a special report,” the TV announced.

After a brief pause the announcer continues, “let’s go live now to the North Pole with our correspondents Elle and Simon.”

“Hello everyone. Thanks for joining us on this Christmas Eve,” Elle greeted.

“The temperature here is -1 degree and of course it is dark this time of year,” Simon described.

“Yes, it is very cold and there is a lot of activity with only about an hour before Santa makes his appearance and heads off for his around the world deliveries,” Elle added. “Let’s go inside and check out the preparations.”

“It’s warmer in here but still chilly,” Simon noticed in the large warehouse room.

“If you look way over there to the right, you will see many workers getting the sled ready for departure,” Elle said.

“Let’s see if we can get closer,” Simon decided as they walked nearer to the sled.

“There it is, gleaming red in all its glory,” Elle smiled.

“There is almost a magical atmosphere around it,” Simon felt.

A man with a clipboard approached.

“Please stay behind the yellow caution line,” he said, pointing to the yellow and black tape on the concrete floor.

“Will do,” Elle replied.

The man turned and spoke into his microphone, “everything good on the hydraulics?”

“Hydraulic systems are a go,” the voice responded.

“Reindeer status?” he asked another person.

“Reindeer are a go!” the excited voice replied.

“Weather forecast?” he asked yet another person.

“Weather is a go. Clear skies and a brisk wind out of the south,” the voice said.

“Some people have proposed that one way Santa is able to accomplish this miracle is that he has help along the way,” Simon offered.

“For years, toy stores and other retail outlets claimed that they close early on Christmas Eve so employees can spend time with their families,” Simon continued, “but some have claimed there is a second reason, and the real reason, for stores closing early on Christmas Eve.”

“They close early to get gifts ready for Santa to pick-up and deliver to local children. Santa’s helpers have prepositioned many of the gifts in these stores.”

“Wait,“ Elle interrupted, “something’s happening.”

A big garage door opens.

“The sled is moving outside,” Elle observes.

Several workers maneuver the sled to an outside platform.

Look, there come the reindeer,” she pointed to another adjacent building.

As each reindeer was brought to the sled, its position was double checked and two workers attached it to the sled.

Lastly, the final Reindeer Rudolph, red nose glowing, was brought out and assumed his lead position.

The man with the clipboard confirmed the reindeer placement was correct and the mountings were solid.

“Reindeer are a go!” he shouted, giving an enthusiastic thumbs up.

There was a flurry of workers running to a third building as a door opened.

“That’s him!” Elle exclaimed.

“Yes, it is Santa Claus,” Simon confirmed.

As Santa made his way to the sled, several workers talked to him about the details of the upcoming journey.

Santa reached the sled and two workers helped him get situated.

After a few minutes, the guy with the clipboard shouts, “preflight checks completed and it is now a go!”

“Ho, Ho, Ho,” Santa shouted to the invited spectators lining the area next to the sled.

“Hey Santa, any words for the people around the globe watching now?” Elle asked.

Santa looked into the camera and spoke with a somewhat serious tone, “never forget the real reason for the season and the meaning of the ultimate gift.” His right eye twinkled.

The reindeer started slowly and then picked up speed with the sled in tow.

Finally, the sled lifted off the ground and climbed quickly to begin its long overnight journey.

The lighted sled disappeared into the cold dark sky.

“That will wrap it up for us here at the North Pole. Good evening and Merry Christmas to all,” Elle stated.

“I second that and we will hopefully see you next year,” Simon agreed.

“We now return you to your regularly scheduled program,” the TV announced.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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