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A Baker's Dozen of Heartwarming and Inspirational Christmas Stories

Wednesday February 21, 2024


With the Christmas Cookies Holiday Story Collection book you will experience the magic and wonder of the holiday season with these stories:

Snowflake is a wonderful tale about a young girl's attempts to rescue a small disabled and discarded puppy from a pet store to give as a special gift.

Magic Balloons is a thoughtful account about how a simple box of balloons can be transformed into an important gift with seemingly magical powers.

The Snowman Contest follows a parent and young son as they compete in a local holiday snowman contest. The events of the day lead to greater things and a surprise ending to the contest.

Angel Rescue is an inspiring story about a family's discovery that their treasured Angel statue decoration is missing from the front yard the day before Christmas. What follows is an important lesson for everyone.

Christmas Crystal is a tale about a family that returns home on Christmas Eve to find their house burglarized and all gifts stolen. A bleak outlook for Christmas morning is followed by an unexpected Christmas Day surprise.

The Holiday Show starts with an energetic comedian taking the stage at a small comedy club. His witty remarks about the oddities of the holiday season keep the Christmas Eve crowd smiling and in good spirits.

The Christmas Card presents the dilemma of a third grade student that does not have a Christmas gift for her mother. Having no money to buy a gift, the student's teacher steps in with a lesson on the spirit of the season.

Lori’s Silent Night shows how a cool and hip radio DJ can learn a valuable lesson from a special young listener.

Christmas Carousel details a young mother and daughter as they try to find out what happened to a car accident victim on Christmas Eve.

The Christmas Duck is a story about a mother and daughter who try to find help for an injured duck they find on Christmas Eve.

War Takes a Holiday chronicles a war-torn village taken over by enemy soldiers. The soldiers take away a young orphan girl’s only possession, a small puppy. A mysterious man enters the picture to give the young girl hope.

That Christmas Spirit is a holiday story about a mother who cannot afford a gift for her daughter. Her encounter with a stranger takes her down the path of the Christmas Spirit.

Christmas Reflection recounts the path to a revelation made by a confused and despondent woman on a dark and cold Christmas Eve.

The Quackers Christmas is an extra bonus story rounding out the all-ages collection. This is a children's tale about about a family of ducks on their way to a Christmas Eve party. An unexpected event changes their plans and leads to an unusual night before Christmas.
Christmas Cookies Holiday Story Collection Book

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Experience the spirit of the holiday season reading this collection alone or
with family and friends. The Christmas Cookies Holiday Story Collection
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